User Interface Portfolio
In depth reviews of PDAs, smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, PDA software, handheld gaming machines and software such as the Sony PSP, and accessories. In depth reviews and more. Lisa Gade is the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief. All layout, design and production done by Lisa Gade. One of the most popular and accessible PDA sites on the Internet.

A B2B web-based e-commerce marketplace for the hospitality industry. Lisa Gade was Product Design Manager, heading up a group of UI designers and engineers. She acted as senior UI developer, setting design standards and guiding the designs created by her team. The company is no longer in business. The screen shots are therefore static.

Hewlett Packard Decision Optimizer
A web-based CRM application for marketing managers at large companies. This product started out at HP Labs as a group of separate applications using complex statistics and prediction software. Lisa Gade unified these applications interfaces and created the user interface from scratch using html, Javascript, .css and Photoshop. All images and artwork created by Lisa Gade. Carly Fiorina killed the project when the company moved its focus away from software services.


A note about Other than the portfolio area, this site isn't kept very up-to-date, and most of the content was created 3 or 4 years ago. It's preserved largely so that folks who are intererested in some of my Java applets and freeware which are linked to from such places as Gamelan, Jars and etc. can still gain access to those applets, source code and freeware. It's also a handy place to share and promote my original artwork, and of couse, a sampling of my UI portfolio. The Dreadscott name does not refer to the landmark legal decision, but is rather related to joke with some friends. Thanks for visiting!

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