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Kitschen Sink: Java Virtual Art Room

Music Room Game for all ages

Try out my pure Java Guitar Tuner Applet

Java Graffiti- express yourself!

IFS Fractal generator

A few Dreadscott Sites

Boston Univ School of Law

Kindermusik International

Boston Terriers United for Football

San Francisco Bay Guardian:


Links Just for Fun and Learning:

Literary and Cultural Links:

A fine site for Scottish Clans and Lore

Shakespeare's Complete Works, Searchable, Online!

The Web Museum- Bienvenue

The Place- a classic on the Net


Geek Links: my site, an online buyer's guide for PDAs

Hotwired Magazine Java, html and what's up behind the Net

Gamelan's Java Repository

The Brain Opera

The Ultimate Newton PDA homepage

Surf Acoustic Guitar Hangouts:

Everything About Acoustic Guitar and Music

Usenet Acoustic Guitar Homepage

Resonator Guitars, by Stacy Phillips

TAB and other Guitar Player resources

Digital Folk Song Database

Canonical list of Banjo Jokes

Martin Simpson's Homepage


Meyers-Briggs Personality Typing