Dreadscott Internet Productions: A Partner in Java TM

Java has helped us bring applications to more platforms than ever before!

Dreadscott Java Products

Custom WEB Applets with an artist's touch! WEB page design and applets are us.

Kitschen Sink: Java Virtual Art Room ...An "What's Cool" item at Gamelan

New! Music Room:Java Game for all Ages Truly a "virtually unique" experience!

Java Guitar Tuner Applet...Rated Top 25% at Jars --with source code

Java Graffiti- express yourself! --with source code

Java Puzzle-- A 30 piece puzzle, assemble to make a pictures of hot air balloons.

Scrolling text with graphic...A modest, attractive use of offscreen graphics + animated text

Building the Future on Java

Thousands of industry innovators are building the future on Java. See the list of Partners in Java for a sampling.
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